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DTS Racing is a National International Racing team which is owned by the company (DTSR Academy Pvt Ltd). We are the current National

Champion Team in IJTC and our driver Arya Singh was the national champion in Formula 1300 category in 2017. And we are the one and only

racing team which runs 6 Formula 1300 Cars and 2 Touring (IJTC) Cars at the same time. We provide Training for all our students in Formula

Cars and Touring Cars in Kari Motor Speedway Coimbatore every month through our academy training programs.

Sponsorship proposal

Thank you for taking the time to review and consider our sponsorship proposal. This proposal will discuss the

opportunity to form a mutually beneficial partnership between you as our sponsor, DTS RACING and Diljith T S.

This is a flexible proposition in that we are open to any variation of requests or inquiries for different ways we

can add value to your company. We would like to maximize the benefit this partnership has for both parties.

Diljith and DTS RACING appreciate your time invested in this partnership and look forward to

working with you in the future.

Thank you for your time and consideration,




DTS Racing is open to discussing all manner of opportunities. Below are listed a variety of ways DTS Racing can promote and benefit your brand

Brand Awareness

* Logo decal on race car*

* Logo on race suit*

* Logo on helmet*

* Logo on pits*

* Logo on t-shirts and shirts

* Mention of brand in all interviews including video, radio, print and track interviews

* Brand logo seen on car at race track and races broadcast online at http://www.madrasmotorsports.in/

* Brand logo seen on car on all social media posts and articles with photo of car

* Brand logo seen on DTS Racing promotional video

* opportunity for graphics to reflect company branding

Social media strategy

Posts of brand logo/product on social media outlets 24,000 followers on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook includes team website


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